Michael Hollingsworth (Goldie) is a narrative driven expressionist artist based in the Chicagoland area. His preferred medium is acrylic painting and he has been working as a professional artist for a number of years.

Michael’s work is characterized by a unique combination of abstract and expressionism. His work is often mixed media, incorporating acrylic paints, oil pens, paper, and more. Michael’s work is characterized by bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors, which capture the raw emotion and energy of the human experience. He works primarily with acrylics on canvas, using a variety of techniques to achieve a range of textures and effects. Michael's art is heavily influenced by the late Jean - Michel Basquiat, and he aims to leave a legacy much like that of Jean - Michel.

Michael has exhibited art in numerous galleries and museums across the country, including China and the United Kingdom. He has had numerous speaking engagements throughout the United States, highlighting his career and accomplishments thus far within not only the web2 space but the web3 space as well. Michael has also worked with a number of notable clients, including Rolling Stone Magazine and Coinbase.

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